King Baby Syndrome
King Baby Syndrome is a very real syndrome, first identified at Hazelden.  Some people may use the term "Dry Drunk Syndrome." The syndrome is an illness which results in specific behaviors and symptoms, which, if not treated, continues in the addict even though he/she may be sober and practicing abstinence and can lead to relapse.

The symptoms of King Baby Syndrome are obvious:

“King baby syndrome” Personality Traits

  1. Becomes angry or afraid of authority figures
  2. Seeks approval and sometimes loses identity in the process
  3. Makes good first impression but has problems completing things.
  4. Has difficulty accepting criticism
  5. Hypersensitive
  6. Has difficulty sustaining healthy relationships
  7. Has addictive personality and is driven to extremes
  8. Has been immobilized by anger and frustration
  9. Is rarely satisfied
  10. Given to exaggerations and showing off
  11. Feels lonely even when surrounded by people
  12. Needs people around to feel ok
  13. Says “I know” a lot
  14. Complains and blames others for what is going wrong
  15. Feels like "I don’t fit in"
  16. Sees the world as a jungle full of selfish people
  17. Sees things as a catastrophe; all or nothing thinking
  18. Judges life in absolutes: black and white, right and wrong
  19. Lives too much in the past and fearful of the future
  20. Has strong feelings of dependence with fears of abandonment
  21. Has taken advantage of others for his/her own ends
  22. Fears failure and rejection so doesn't try new things
  23. Is concerned with money and material things
  24. Fantasizes, dreams big plans & schemes
  25. Reduced ability to show compassion to others or themselves
  26. Charming to bosses but likes to boss around subordinates
  27. Believes the normal rules do not apply to them
  28. Attracted to excitement, life in the fast lane
  29. Holds emotional pain within
  30. Loses touch with own feelings
Those with King Baby Syndrome must seek recovery through AA/NA.  Without addressing the syndrome, the addict will not make changes and will continue to exhibit the behaviors associated with the syndrome.  Various sites on the web will give more information regarding this syndrome. 
7 Ways to Find Parental Recovery When your Child is Addicted.

This booklet is a good resource for understanding a parent's role when a child is addicted to drugs or alcohol.  Written by Cathy Taughinbaugh, it shares her story and the things she learned in dealing with her daughter's addiction.

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